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About The Groom - by the Bride

When I first met him on our first date, his conversational English was so bad. I really thought that there was no hope for this guy! Well now it's 2 years later and who would have thought?

Second time I met him, he's buying my stuff. I signed a work contract overseas, was planning to move and thus selling all my possessions. He was sweet enough to still meet me and 'be friends'.
We were becoming more than just friends quick enough soon after.

I moved, he visited me.

I moved again, this time he moved in with me.

Two years later now and in less than one month he'll be my husband.

Love you my dear :)

About The Bride - by the Groom

We first met in Montreal for diner in a Mongolian Hot Pot, Chinese downtown. I immediately felt in love with this incredible girl. We met several times for about a month before getting more serious. I so badly wanted to know more about her before she goes out of town, even much farther, out of the country. She is such an incredibly smart, funny and pretty woman with good morals and values. I could just not let her go away. For those reading this that knows her, you probably know what I mean.  :o)

I promised her that I would follow her anywhere she would go because she's all I want, all I need, she's Everything!  So, when she moved to Taiwan, we continued on a long distance relationship with many hours of video and chat every single day until I went to visit her in Taipei for 3 weeks. That moment confirmed to me that she is the one that I ever want in my life and we decided to make it even more serious. Then, I decided to move to Australia to be with her.

I sold my stuff, got rid of my cats, said goodbye to my friends and my family... and I finally moved to Sydney. She worths more than everything I got before.

Two years later, I am even more incredibly in love with you Di and I hope to be with you the rest of my life.

All my Love, All my Life

Love you ma chérie d'amour  :o)