Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wedding gown.. will it fit?

Today we ate 'all you can eat' hotpot. It was yum, but I couldn't help to think that I might not fit into my wedding gown! I'm pretty skinny but the dress was tight, so it led me to want to eat just salad for dinner.

I bought my gown on ebay. Not only desperate for budget, but it is also because they simply don't have my size here in Australia, in stock. So to get the dress I would have to order it made and that will take 3 months. It was the end of June. Or wear something totally not my style.

The dress came in the post, but it still needs some alterations.
Took it to the seamstress and she tighten it up a bit, tried it on, and it was too tight. So she let go a bit more... still too tight!

The danger to go through to Jakarta is that I definitely will take on some weight.

Argh, I learnt my lesson. Next time buy a dress with lace back, because I still want my 'all you can eat'

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